The importance of HR Compliance

At the centre of any organisation is the human resources (HR) function. The HR department focuses on identifying, hiring and retaining people with the right skill sets and qualities to execute the organisation’s strategy and achieve its goals. Given the importance of the HR function, it is an important player in the organisation’s compliance structure. Organisations […]

Compliance Management – Leverage Benefits, Build Trust

Why Compliance? Businesses are facing extreme cost and operational pressures as regulatory bodies are continuously increasing mandatory compliance requirements. The financial crisis of 2008 and the rising number of financial frauds being reported of late, have pushed the case for further monitoring by regulatory bodies. For businesses though, finance is just one of the areas […]

Not technology or sophistication or great UI. What makes a great compliance technology is good old fashioned accountability. But that isn’t easy

With the rapid increase in technology solutions, it can be easy to assume that plugging in some software will magically help an enterprise ensure compliance. However, unless the software in question enables or supports certain basic, age-old practices within the organization. Like accountability, for instance. Regulations have always been complex and many-layered. Best practices dictate […]

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