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About Aparajitha

Aparajitha is a leading HR Compliance Services company
focusing on Labour Compliance Audit, Establishment Compliance,
Factory Compliance, Mines Compliance, Contract Labour Compliance, Industrial
Licensing, Flexi Staffing, Payroll Processing, Payroll Compliance as well as providing
Consultation & Legal Opinion.

We have a presence in all the states and union territories of India and are recognized as the experts in labour and
compliance laws and their complexities. Our large list of clientele ranges from start-ups to reputed large companies
across all industries and segments.

Aparajitha started out in the year 2000 with a humble beginning of just 11 people. We began by providing flexi staffing
services for clients in Tamil Nadu. Within a matter of 17 years, we have grown and transformed into a renowned HR
compliance services provider with more than 1200 + core employees, and serving over 1000 clients all over India.

Our operations and services are guided by professionalism and principles that stem from our core values and business
ethics: integrity, trust, continuous learning and partnering progress. Our goal is to build enduring long term relationships
with our clients by partnering with them for mutual growth and benefit.


We Strive for Customer Centricity

Continual innovation has empowered us to deliver customized and client aligned best practices to
our clients. Empowerment and accountability across our operations ensure that our services
exceed customer expectations every time, resulting in 'customer delight'
and long term associations.


To be the strategic regulatory compliance partner
with deep domain expertise across Governance,
Risk, Audit & Compliance.
We believe in providing value added compliance solutions
through our tech-driven innovative platform.


Aparajitha is committed to a
sustainable win-win relationship,
built on integrity and trust with
its corporate partners;

by identifying and providing exemplary
human resource services, thereby
facilitating them to achieve and exceed
their corporate goals

Quality Policy

We are committed to achieve

by offering highly knowledge driven services
through well-defined processes, customization
and professionalism. We ensure continual
improvement through total employee
involvement and knowledge enhancement.


When it comes to compliance,
we don't take chances. What about you?


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