A note on recent Apex court verdict – Pension on higher salary Holistic Journey of Higher Pension Arena from 1995 to SC judgment on 04-11-22!!!

EPS Scheme was introduced on 16thNov1995. EPFO gave options to the following employees to join the same, provided they can opt within 6 months from the date of commencement of Scheme. a) Employees those who had not opted FPF Fund, 1971 b)Members who had gone out of employment during the period before 1st April 1993 […]

Facility in EPFO’s portal for Principal Employer to view compliance for employees engaged through contractors

Facility in EPFO’s portal for Principal Employer to view compliance for employees engaged through contractors EPFO has launched a facility for all the employers through their own login view and giving them the access & monitor the compliance of their contract employees reported in ECR by their contractors. Under the EPF & MP Act, 1952 the […]

How to file e-Nomination for EPF members | EPFO

EPFO – Special drive to file e-Nomination for EPF members in Commemoration of 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence  [Bharat Ka Amrit Mahotsava]   EPFO has launched a special drive for persuading members to file their e-Nomination in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence and set a target of 5000 e-Nominations in a week […]

EPFO – Digital facility for Principal Employers for monitoring of EPF compliances of their contractors | Lets Talk Compliance

A digital facility concerned with effective compliance EPFO has introduced a facility for an interlinking portion of contractor’s compliance with Principal Employers of their respective contract workmen for effective compliance monitoring. Principal Employers (PE) having their own code with EPFO and engaging contractor(s) can add the details of the contractor(s) and contract workmen (CWM) at […]

Labour Codes – Brief – Status of Draft Rules Notified by Centre/State Governments

While the Indian Parliament has already passed all the four Codes with the aim to streamline and simplify the country’s existing and overlapping labour lawswhich also received the President’s assent, appending hereunder the status of draft rules are published by 10 State Governments besides the Central Government. Brief on Labour Codes as a refresher:- The […]

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