Flexi Staffing Services

Flexi Staffing Services


Looking for flexi staffing services or support to cater to emerging manpower requirements for your business?

We offer Flexi staffing services to meet your staffing requirements which are often incidental but crucial to your business operations. From legal perspective, our Flexi Staffing services model is robust as we leverage our expertise in labour law compliance.

Service Highlights

  • Ensure total manpower flexibility
  • Beat the vagaries of fluctuation in operations
  • Engage people in temporary/seasonal positions
  • Engage people on short-term/fixed-term projects
  • Reduce employee costs and hence reduce overheads
  • Engage people in non-core activity & clerical positions
  • Employees are positioned in the rolls of Aparajitha on a fixed-term basis
  • Legally tested employment and deputational contracts within the deputies
  • Handling of personnel & salary administration
  • Statutory compliance under all applicable legislations
  • No employer-employee relationship with the client
  • Ensure smooth employee exit processes at the end of an assignment
  • Ensure Win-win situation for both our clients and our deputies
  • Timely remittances of statutory payments - EPF, ESIC, TDS, Professional Tax
  • Registration of employees under EPF & ESIC schemes
  • Implementing Simple and standard contractual procedures
  • Tech enablement of Flexi Staffing services Procedures with robust automation toolr
Flexi Staffing Services

The Aparajitha Advantage

  • Flexibility to choose and select the right candidates
  • Administrative part is completely handled by at our end
  • Compliance is assured - ESI, PF, Ptax, LWF, bonus, gratuity etc
  • Income tax compliance and remittances for flexi / temporary employees
  • Coordination and compliance in case of accidents to flexi / temporary employees
  • Inspections under any labour statute are coordinated and handled
  • Payroll administration is centralized and disbursement is made easy
  • Flexibility in manpower resource optimization
  • Overheads limited to statutory requirements
  • Parting-with taken care of
  • Possibility of absorbing the 'Crème de la crème'
  • Minimizing long term liabilities

When it comes to compliance,
we don't take chances. What about you?


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